Flowers Roses Bouquets and Quotations

Flowers and Bouquets (including Roses)

Roses Flowers Bouquets and Quotations

A Pocket Full of Roses

Flower Symbolism

Flowers are important symbols. Here are some flowers and what they represent.



Amaryllis pride
Apple blossom hope, good fortune
Baby’s breath pure heart, constancy
Bachelor’s button hope and devotion
Bluebell gratitude
Blue violet modesty, faithfulness
Carnation fidelity, deep love
Daffodil regard, devotion
Daisy innocence, youth, gentleness
Fern fascination
Flax I feel your kindness
Forget-me-not remembrance, true love
Gerbera Daisy thoughts of absent friends
Hibiscus delicate beauty
Holly foresight, good wishes
Iris a message
Jasmine grace, elegance
Lilacs first emotions of love
Lily of the valley return of happiness, purity and humility
Marigold affection
Mimosa secret love, sensibility
Orange blossom fidelity, fertility
Orchid rare beauty
Peach blossom love’s captive
Primrose young love
Queen Anne’s lace magic, trust, and healing, steadfast love
Rose A single rose (any color) in full bloom means "I love you."
Star of Bethlehem reconciliation
Sunflower adoration
Thistle independence
Tulip love, passion
Violet modesty and simplicity
Wallflower fidelity in adversity
Water Lily purity of heart
Zinnia thoughts of absent friends